Landform Data

Data download

Download the regional dataset or use the map to download landform data by state, county, or ecoregion. You can browse the files if you'd prefer.

The following ten landform position classes defined by topographic position and slope gradients were modeled using a GIS.

  1. Valley flats
  2. Gently sloping toe slopes
  3. Gently sloping ridges, fans and hills
  4. Nearly level terraces and plateaus
  5. Very moist steep slopes
  6. Moderately moist steep slopes
  7. Moderately dry steep slopes
  8. Very dry steep slopes
  9. Cool aspect scarps, cliffs and canyons
  10. Hot aspect scarps, cliffs and canyons

The GIS model was created using ArcInfo AML and a 30 meter DEM (digital elevation model). DEM data was from the USGS National Elevation Dataset (1999). The geographic extent for the modeling area encompassed the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah. While the modeling area encompassed these 5 southwestern states, the actual GIS dataset downloaded from this site may be a subset of the 5-state region. A validation of this model has not been performed.