Land cover class description database

This database contains detailed descriptions and photos of each land cover classification.

Mapping zone boundaries

As a coordinated multi-institution endeavor each state institution was responsible for various tasks which were divided geographically. The five-state region was divided into two levels of ecologically and spectrally similar mapping zones. The 47 zones in the first level were primarily used for collecting and organizing field training data, while the 25 zones at the second level were used for land cover modeling and validation.


Landform position classes defined by topographic position and slope gradients.


This is a seamless 1:500,000 scale GIS dataset of surficial geologic formations for the states of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

Animal habitat models

Seamless animal-habitat models for all terrestrial vertebrate species for the region.

Stewardship data

The land stewardship map combines attributes of ownership, management, and a measure of intent to maintain biodiversity.